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Read the full paper here.

I once saw a picture of a glass of milk get over 100,000 notes on here.
Let’s give this more attention.

I’ll never remember the time when I saw a domestic violence shelter that had a discussion of domestic violence on its website…. it paid lipservice saying anyone could be abused, but the tl’dr of its long, long, long rant posing as a public service annoucement was “all domestic violence is caused by male entitlement: women are almost always justified when they hit their male spouses or children” and of course nothing about gay or lesbian domestic violence  


At first I felt like drawing my pegasus Trouble Trot being all boring and standing in the middle of nowhere, doing nothing interesting. But then I realized that Modpone won’t let such cruelty to happen. And thats why he got into Trouble. Sweaty pony sex I guess. Something sketchy and lewd. I warned you that this blog is my personal page, so in here I can do whatever I want with my OCs. Duh.

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